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Blended Families: A Roadmap for Success

Blended Families: A Roadmap for Success

"This Book can Heal your Family" - Forbes Riley

Blended Families: A Roadmap of Success is comprised of specific tips and solutions written by me, a parent who’s been there. I’ve worked hard with a little counseling and a lot of prayers, patience, and determination to create a healthy blended family dynamic. I did not do this alone – that’s impossible. My husband and I, along with the other parents of our children, have learned to work much more cooperatively and healthily together. Our goal has always been to create a safe, loving and happy blended family. Some days come easier than others. That’s true no matter how far you’ve come in terms of co-parenting with your ex, bonding with your children, stepchildren, and partner. You can empower those around you with healthy boundaries and love. The good days make you feel triumphant, and the more challenging days can make you feel defeated. This book can serve as a roadmap to help guide you through all of it so that everyone, especially your children, can experience more peace of mind throughout the journey. What does this have to offer for Parents! The Blended Family Roadmap. Co-parenting in Blended families. Co-parenting planning. Introducing a new relationship to your children. Introducing children to children in blended families. Avoiding power struggles with children, young adults, and parents. Communication. Keeping the best interest of the children at heart. Your relationship with others and yourself. Managing the work/life balance myth.

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