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Deana La Rose (Creator and Author of 'Blended Families')-

Entrepreneur, Wife, and Mother of 4 beautiful children, Deana La Rosa is thankful for being able to give back to society in numerous ways. On top of her already busy schedule, Deana is also the VP of the PTA, sits on the local Chamber of Commerce Board, and plays an active role in The Children’s Advocacy Center of Osceola County. Like many, Deana has learned a lot from the highs and lows of our economy over the last few years, but more than anything she has learned that honesty, family, and community are the greatest measures of success one can have. With Dream7Designs, Deana has launched a way to spread her passion for life to others, one design at a time.


s blurb
Artist, Writer, Husband, and Father, Peter Raymundo has had the
opportunity to turn his childhood ambitions into reality. Having gone

a kid who likes to draw

”to working on multiple Academy Award

winning films, Peter

s first rule of life is to find what it is that you love to

do, and then doing it with all your might.
Inspiration is inspiring. It is Peter

s hope with Dream7Designs to
inspire others to think outside of the box,to never lose sight of their
dreams, and to have the courage to work hard enough to make them a

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